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Defining Neighborhood Tips

Defining your neighborhood is a vital step in producing a credible appraisal report. LSI has several valuable tips and tools in order to assist the appraiser with this critical step in the appraisal process. Browse the various documents below to learn more.

Defining Your Neighborhood -  LSI Appraisal Bulletin issued October 18, 2012


This bulletin defines "Neighborhood "and as graphically demonstrates the appropriate application of the definition on a map.

Neighborhoods - Appraisal Line recording - March 19, 2013 - Approx recording length - 11 min.


Defines the neighborhood.  Gives examples of misapplications of the neighborhood in appraisal reports, discusses how to define the boundaries, how to describe the neighborhood and elements of describing the market conditions. 

Appraisal Methods and Techniques - Neighborhoods Defined - (Articulate Slides with audio) -

Approx recording time - 7 minutes  - Created and Narrated by John Holbrook


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