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1004MC Tips

Sometimes the data on your 1004MC form can be confusing, but LSI has several solutions to assist you with any issues. Browse through the documents and links below for assistance.

The SMART 1004MC program brings advanced market analysis tools to assist you in your value conclusions. Import active, expired, pending, withdrawn and sold listings directly from your MLS systems using neighborhood boundaries that you define! Interact with powerful color charts and create custom reports that clearly assist you and your client in understanding the current climate of your subject property’s market, while completing the Market Conditions form as you analyze the market. Click here to learn more.

 Market Conditions Analysis- LSI Appraisal Line hosted by George Vann, SRA  Click here

Reporting Market Conditions in a Residential Appraisal Report - v.1.0  2014-06-04


Succinct and illustrated bulletin describing line-by-line how the 1004MC should be written, making it consistent with Neighborhood Section.  Click here.



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