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Appraiser Bulletins

Bulletins are listed in chronological order, newest first.  Date format in title is yyyy-mm-dd, so for example, June 6, 2013 is shown as 2013-06-06.  Appraisers are encouraged to visit this page daily to be informed about the latest news and events affecting real estate appraising.

Zoning - 2017-07-24 Appraiser Bulletin


This appraiser bulletin provides appraiser guidance regarding how to property reference zoning and the zoning desription. To download, click here.

Chase - Corrections Error Trends


Chase recently identified some trends on completed appraisal reports which necessitate correction requests.To download, click here.

Commentary Rules - Illustrated Guide  (for ACI and PDF Uploads via Sky)

This is an illustrated guide that shows how to copy text from reports to commentary boxes.  This guide is a good training tool and reminder reference for this process.  To download, click here.

Commentary Rules - Illustrated Guide (for XML, ENV, Clickforms Uploads via Sky)

This is an illustrated guide that shows how to copy text from reports to commentary boxes.  This guide is a good training tool and reminder reference for this process.  To download, click here.

eServices - Orders Not Appearing Within Inbox 

If you are having issues locating your files within the new ServiceLink plugin, please read the following instructions. To download, click here.

New FHA Handbook 4000.1 - Part 3 - Summary of Changes and Reminders - 09-11-2015 

This bulletin is a brief checklist of changes in FHA inspections and reporting summarizing points in Parts 1 and 2.  To download a pdf of this bulletin, click here.

Formatting of MLS Data Sources - 09-10-2015

This bulletin claraifies guidance as to the correct conventions for format the data sources in compliance with the Uniform Appraisal Dataset as well as comply with Hotspot rules.  To download this bulletin, click here.

New FHA Handbook - Part 2 - Changes in inspection and observation - 09-08-2015

This bulletin focuses attention on changes in the appraiser's inspection process.  What to measure, photograph and observe.  To download this bulletin, click here.

New FHA Handbook - Part 1 - Essentials for Every Report - 09/01/2015

This bulletin covers the essential changes created by the new Handbook 4000.1 which must be included in every report.  Download this bulletin by clicking here.

New Illinois Rule  - 2015-07-27

This bulletin is for the attention of Illinois licensed/certified appraisers only, regarding new required property inspection clause regarding statements of condition and the appraisal not being a home inspection.  Download this bulletin by clicking here

Original Comp Photos - 2015-07-15

This bulletin is a reminder to appraisers to review Special Instructions to assure the appraiser understands the client requirements where original comp photos are concerned.  Failure to follow client instructions once the assignment is accepted is a USPAP violation.  To download this bulletin, click here

Appraisal Updates on the 1004D - 2015-05-21

This bulletin reminds appraisers that clients may order updates for various reasons and at various times.  It is critical to remember that updates are summary reports, which requires the appraiser to summarize his or her analysis  because despite the brevity of the form, it is still an appraisal report that must be in compliance with USPAP.  To download this bulletin, click here 

Reporting Prior Services - 2015-04-15

This bulletin reminds appraisers of the requirement to clearly express whether the appraiser has performed any prior service with regard to the subject property.  Appropriate response examples are provided.  To download this bulletin, click here

Original Comparable Photos - 2015-02-25

This bulletin reminds appraisers of Fannie, Freddie, and HUD requirements regarding original comparable photos and that lenders may overlay those requirements with stricter requirements.  To download the bulletin, click here

News from Fannie Mae and FHA - 2015-02-09

This bulletin refers readers to a lender letter produced from Fannie Mae that discusses Collateral Underwriter as well as FHA temporary policy to permit case number cancellation and replacement for loan applications begun before January 26 but not yet closed, so that lenders may offer the lower mortgage insurance premium for all applicants..  To download bulletin, click here

Communicating with Borrowers and Others  - 2015-01-30

This bulletin discusses the importance of confidentiality and offers advice on conversations that may occur in preparing for inspection, during the inspection and after inspection.  To download the bulletin, click here.

ServiceLink Website Upload Guide / XSite - 2015-01-30

This document does over uploading procedures. To download the document, click here.

Sensitivity Analysis - 2015-01-26

This bulletin goes over the sensitivity analysis method for supporting GLA adjustment. This bulletin was used in conjunction with the 01/26/2015 Cup of Coffee call. Go to the "Cup of Coffee Calls" tab above to hear the recorded call. To download the bulletin, click here.

Supporting and Explaining Adjustments - 2014-12-29

This bulletin describes the need to support and explain adjustments made to sales, and to avoid selecting the comparables by those that fit the 25% gross and 15% net adjustments, which Fannie Mae retired.  To download this bullten, click here

Various Selling Guide Changes  2014-07-31

This bulletin describes a number of changes that require appraisers alter their practices, including sketches for two-to-four family properties.  Click here for this important bulletin

Valuing Service  2014-07-14

ServiceLink values the efforts of our appraisal providers, and reminds all of us that meeting the goals of prompt service rewards each of us with growing business.  Click here for bulletin.

Fannie Mae Items - XML - Software Updates - Rural Properties    2014-07-03

This bulletin combines very short topics including a notice of appraisals being delivered using XML so appraisers should confirm they are using the latest versions of software. Plus if you perform appraisals in rural markets, be assured this announcement offers clarification and links to Fannie training to update your capabilities.

Click here for bulletin

Analyzing Transfer Histories  2014-06-17

This bulletin discusses mistakes and omissions commonly found in the analysis of transfer histories.  Appraisers are reminded of the need to research and analyze all transfers (not just sales) of subject property (three years) and the comparable sales (one year) prior to the sale date.  Click here for bulletin.

Reporting Market Conditions in a Residential Appraisal Report -v.1.0  2014-06-04

This bulletin describes how the 1004MC works with the Neighborhood Section in telling a consistent story about the subject's market.  Contains succinct and illustrated line-by-line guidance for analyzing the market.  Further, examples of the many ways appraisers have misintrepreted instructions resulting in bad reporting are offered.  Click here.

1004MC - Reporting Listing Information - 2014-04-19

This helpful bulletin describes the correct way to analyze and report listing information on the 1004MC.  Because this information is collected by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, it is critical that the information is inputted correctly.  Click here for bulletin.

ACI eServices Improvements - 2014-03-19

Describes process changes for uploading reports from ACI.  Click here for bulletin

Changes to UAD  - 2014-01-03

This bulletin announces changes issued by Fannie Mae to UAD that alter the formats for design (style) and car storage.  Additionally, appraisers are advised to contact their software providers to acquire or download the latest changes to their software programs.  Click here for bulletin.

Appraisal Reports of Vacant Land - 2013-12-4

This bulletin describes the necessary edits and additions required to bring the old land form into compliance with USPAP.  To download bulletin, click here. 

Listing Comparables -  2013-06-20

This announcement adjusts and clarifies LSI policy on the use of listings in the Sales Comparison Approach.  Unless required by client as an assignment condition, or the property is in a declining market, appraisers are free to use listings or not, depending upon whether appraiser feels them necessary for support of the Sales Comparison Approach.  Includes also instruction on using listings in compliance with UAD.  Click here.

Estimating Property Taxes for New, Proposed or Under Construction:  August 15, 2013

This announcement clarifies the expectations of clients when appraising new properties wherein the property is either new, proposed or under construction and as a result does not have a current property assessment for tax purposes.  Appraisers are asked to estimate what the taxes will be and disclose FIRST that it is an estimate, and SECOND how the appraiser arrived at his estimation of taxes.  Click here.

Appraisal Order Sheets: Requirement for UAD Format  2013-06-18

This announcement discusses the change to order sheets to signify when UAD or NON-UAD format is required by the lender.  Click here.

Formatting Listings - Software Examples Illustrated  2013-06-06

Listings must be formatted in very specific ways that do not use descriptors used for sales, nor spaces designated for financing type and concessions.  See correct examples illustrated. Click here.

LSI Templates and Quality Pre-Check   2013-05-21

Appraisers are encouraged to use the LSI Appraisal Template, found on the Resources Tab of the Provider Webcenter at www.elendersolutions.com.  This bulletin also reveals three of the most common mistakes found on the 1025- Multi-Family Report form.  Click here.

UAD:  Formatting Listings   2013-05-16

Announcement clarifies several misconceptions about formatting of listings in compliance with UAD.  Includes illustrations.  Click here.

Clarification of Declined Assignments and On Time Performance Expectations  2013-04-18

This bulletin issued in response to question from the April 3 bulletin, provides a guide to understanding the effect of declined assignments on the appraisers On-Time Performance calculations.   Click here.

UAD Warning Message and Fatal Edits   2013-04-11

This bulletin explains some policy changes to include messaging from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's Uniform Mortgage Data Portal (UMDP) of common errors that can result in failure for reports to upload to the data portal.  Click here

LSI Appraisal Performance Reports and Order Assignment  2013-04-03

This announcement describes performance reporting, who gets measured and how.  It is important to understand how appraisers "stack up" against each other, pursuant to better quality and performance.  Click here.

Appraisal Updates Reported on a 1004D   2013-03-25

This bulletin addresses some of the most common errors and misconceptions related to the appraisal update assignments reported on a Form 1004D.  Click here.  

Webcenter Enhancements  2013-02-06

This announcement describes and illustrates improvements with communicating acceptance and declining of orders, as well as communicating complexity.  Click here.


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